Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hilbert-Kennedy Wedding

This was no ordinary back yard wedding. Kate and John's wedding took place at John's parents home nestled in the heart of Palm Springs. A gorgeous estate with a fine collection of Spanish inspired antiques and remnants of the homes original owners and fun history. A casino room where old Hollywood stars would spend their time in secrecy gambling and dinking away. The tour of the home was half the fun of designing the wedding!
We are very excited and honored that have been published in Southern Wedding Magazine

Every detail was carefully thought out. The ceremony site was idea! You'd think the space was achitecturaly desined for a wedding cereremony, it wasn't. Floral arragements were strung from Sheppards hooks down the aisle. They led to the center of the courtyard where a rustic well stood. Very romantic!!
The reception took place in the home backyard. Now, you should not confuse this with your ordinary yard, this was a polished, landscaped, cozy and huge space! We transformed it with plenty of lighting from Chinese lanterns and floating candle votive as a favor for every guest.


  1. Now this is called an exclusive table décor with superb green flowers and white is looking awesome. Went for bridal dinner of my friend's sister recently. Liked the pool theme party organized at event locations with showy décor. Food served was of high quality. Drinks and desserts were amazing. Clicked so many lovely pictures.

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