Monday, August 24, 2009

La Quinta Polo Club

After an amazing Polo match, Cocktails and dinner at the beautiful La Quinta Polo Club

Jennie from Hidden Creek Polo Club in Oregon had a great concept for their executives retreat in La Quinta. When she came to me, we were planning on a night that was sure to be beautiful. Our end result was a design that was unforgettable. With the assistance of some GORGEOUS flowers and plenty of candle light, the carnival lit tent came to life.
On a stesed rustic wood tables, we created a runner of flowers and candles. We used a rich mixture of dark Milba Roses, burgundy Dahlias, blue Hydrangea, burgundy lilies, black magic roses and as if that wasn't enough, accents of burgundy cascading Amaranths!! The blue tones on the runner complimented the hydrangea perfectly and the deep burgundies and corals agaist the white backdrop created a night to remember.

Thanks Jennie, it was a pleasure being a part of such a splendid affair!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Warm summer days

The simplest and most unexpected moments are pictures that are captured and stored inside your heart. These images are treasured and will remain present all the days of your lives.
Dont turn down the oportunity to step away from your busy day and take a look at what's going on around you!! There are moments in life you will never live again.

Thank you Sky, for giving us so much joy at the most unexpected moments!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fashion in flowers

What's hot now is using bright and bold fashion inspired colors in your floral decor. Splashes of color are a great way to make a statement. Your flowers will be gazed at the entire day and night, why not make it bold!

As expected, we've been receiving many request for neon colored flowers, not as accents but as heavy volumes of color after color. Where fashion goes, floral trends are soon to follow. I always try to keep a close eye on fashion and what color becomes the "new black". We all know every season we see a new set of colors and styles down the runway that are to be seen everywhere and be sure that you will also see those same trends reflected on your floral decor and tablescape.
The centerpiece above was created by combining contrasting yet appealing styles, glam clear crystal candelabra accompanied by a collection of glass pieces and a non traditional arrangement of cascading hot pink phalaenopsis orchids, spiky yellow pin cushion proteas and yellow spider mums. More color was added with bright blue toned water.

Its so hard to pick and choose the colors you want, why not select three or four that work well together and run with it!! With the right elements and a lean towards style, we can create a bright and beautiful wedding that will leave your guests completely amazed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Keeping up with the Salomon's

It is with great pleasure that I now present all our faithful followers and new comers to AFPDblog. We will keep you up-to-date on floral and design trends, our personal, prized and hand crafter weddings and inovative floral designs.

We hope you enjoy your visit as you follow the story of the Salomon Family as we are blessed with the fortune of making dreams come true through floral design and decor.

Luna Salomon, Salomon family and the entire AFPD Team